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Senior Product Manager at Leonardo.Ai


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Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    June 7, 2024
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    Mid, Senior

Job Description

🎨 Responsibilities 🎨

As a Senior Product Manager at Leonardo.Ai, you will:

Define and communicate product vision and strategy, ensuring alignment with company goals and customer needs.
Lead the end-to-end product development lifecycle, from ideation to launch and ongoing optimisation.
Collaborate with engineering, design, data, and product marketing to drive innovative and user-centric AI products and features.
Conduct research, gather customer feedback, and analyse data to inform product decisions and prioritise features.
Mentor and support junior product managers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within the team.

🔍 Skills We’re Looking For 🔍

Product Vision: Deep industry knowledge with the ability to anticipate market trends and position our products accordingly.

Evangelism Skills: Master in communicating vision, inspiring and leading teams and stakeholders, and championing our products at all levels.

Product-led Growth: Leads initiatives that use the product as the primary growth driver, creating sustainable growth loops and overseeing company-wide adoption of product-led growth principles.

Business Model: Designs and iterates on business models, leading experiments and strategic shifts. Innovates new business models and leads strategic pivots and transformational initiatives.

Execution and Decision Making: Quick and confident decision-making, balancing speed and accuracy.

Team Collaboration: Expert in fostering collaboration with engineering and product design teams, ensuring high levels of engagement and understanding.

Stakeholder Management Skills: Highly skilled in managing complex stakeholder relationships, viewed as a strategic partner by senior leadership

Leadership Skills: Inspires and influences teams and stakeholders without authority, recognised as a motivational leader who fosters a culture based on trust and safety.

Data Analytics and Outcomes: Advanced expertise in data analytics, mentoring others in data-driven decision-making. Sets and oversees strategic objectives across multiple products or teams.

Product and Customer Knowledge: Recognised as a knowledgeable resource about users/customers within the company, frequently engaging with customers to gather advanced insights and feedback. Expert in applying user knowledge to enhance product value and customer satisfaction.

Product Discovery: Expert in various product discovery techniques, coaching others on their application and developing new methods tailored to complex situations. Anticipates and mitigates complex risks that impact the business at a macro level.

Experimentation and Optimisation: Skilled in various experimentation and optimisation techniques, mentoring others on best practices and leading complex experimentation projects.