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Staff Software Engineer at StreamYard


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Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    March 19, 2024
  • Location
  • Expiration date
  • Industry
    Software Development
  • Qualification
    Professional Certificate, Bachelor Degree (B.Sc.)
  • Career Level
    Mid, Senior

Job Description

About You

Profound backend experience: You have extensive experience in backend development, with a strong understanding of server-side technologies, database management, and API design. You are adept at architecting scalable, high-performance systems that can handle the demands of live streaming.
Frontend proficiency focusing on React.js: While your primary strength lies in backend development, you are also proficient in building web applications using React.js. You have a solid grasp of front-end development processes and are comfortable working within a React.js environment.
Proficient in Typescript: You have a solid foundational knowledge of Typescript and have a deep understanding of modern coding best practices. Your experience includes leading the implementation of these practices to enhance user experience and code maintainability.
Architectural leadership: You have a proven track record of architecting robust systems and software solutions. Your attention to detail is unmatched, and you are known for your ability to raise the bar for technical excellence within your team.
Ownership and initiative: You are a self-starter with an extraordinary ability to take ownership of projects, driving them from conception to completion within tight deadlines. Your proactive approach ensures consistent high-quality standards.
Collaborative and communicative: Your outstanding communication skills make you excel in both real-time and asynchronous collaboration. You are comfortable working in a remote, fast-paced environment and can effectively articulate technical concepts to non-technical team members.
Problem-solving prowess: You enjoy tackling complex problems and are often the go-to person for finding solutions to challenging technical issues. Your debugging skills are top-notch, enabling you to quickly identify and resolve issues.
Experience in fast-paced environments: You have a history of shipping innovative features in startup or fast-paced settings, demonstrating your ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments.
The Offer

Fully remote, global team
Flexible schedules
Laptop assigned, Mac or Dell (Windows)
Health Insurance Support
Parental Leave
$1000 USD for Home-Office Set up
$100 USD monthly remote work stipend
$1500 USD for Learning & Development