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Senior Data Scientist at Dendra Systems

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Job Overview

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    December 8, 2023
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Job Description

To succeed in this role, you should be experienced in the implementation of cutting-edge techniques for computer vision (object detection, classification, and semantic segmentation). It will be essential to push the boundaries of deep learning by keeping abreast of and building upon the latest research. Additionally, you will need to leverage your understanding of how our ecologists operate to customise these methodologies for optimal outcomes. The ideal candidate should not only be well-versed in machine learning but also capable of effectively communicating with non-technical audiences and guiding and advising a team of highly skilled professionals. We value individuals with very broad and diverse skills.


Experience in developing practical deep learning applications for computer vision
Experience with curating machine learning training datasets
Solid theoretical understanding of machine learning and neural networks
Experience with machine learning methods, such as active learning, clustering, self-/weakly-/semi-supervised learning, out-of-distribution detection, zero- and few-shot learning, working with long-tailed datasets
Solid hands-on software development skills in Python (numpy, pandas, scipy, scikit-learn)
Ability to write clear, efficient and scalable code
Experience with one or more Deep Learning Frameworks (PyTorch, JAX, Keras, Tensorflow)
Analytical mindset, strong abstract thinking skills
Guiding and leading the AI Strategy working group
Proficiency with Python
Proficiency with git
Proficiency with Linux use and admin
Experience orchestrating tasks using frameworks such as AirFlow
Experience deploying cloud services (bonus for AWS experience)
Experience scaling workloads using distributed computing frameworks (especially PySpark, Ray Distributed)
Machine learning background, especially with PyTorch for computer vision.
Bonys for experience with containerised processes (Docker and Kubernetes)
Appreciation of code quality and the value of a well tested code base
Problem-solving aptitude
Creative thinking skills


Remote working
Flexible hours
Competitive salary
25 day per year annual leave
Financial support towards optical, chiropody, dental and therapy treatments as well as 24 hour advice and information line