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Cybersecurity Writer at Omniscient Digital


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Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    February 8, 2024
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  • Industry
    Management, SEO

Job Description

We seek detail-oriented technical writers to create actionable, authoritative content for our clients. Our most immediate need is for a writer with knowledge of or experience in cybersecurity, cloud services, and networking. If youre familiar with the ins and outs of the complexities of cybersecurity and able to translate technical knowledge into a well-crafted sentence, wed love to talk to you!

*Please note that we dont work with writers who subcontract their work.


Create and refine content that explains cybersecurity, cloud services, and networking to already-knowledgeable personas

Skillfully showcase the capabilities and differentiators of our clients products and services

Manage complex information and multiple projects within content specifications and budget restrictions

Use company brand voice and messaging for written pieces to represent and reinforce the company culture accurately

Implement comprehensive technical documentation, feedback, and changes whenever possible

Ensure projects are completed on time and QA content for errors to ensure that it meets high-quality standards

Suggest best practices and optimizations throughout content generation projects

Use previously selected fonts and other typographic elements

Job Qualifications and Technical Skill Sets:

Bachelors degree in engineering (or related field) and 5+ years of experience writing about or working in cybersecurity. You can combine your expert-level industry knowledge, robust client documentation, and thorough research to produce content that aligns with our clients expectations and speaks to their audience.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and healthy analytical and critical thinking skills. You turn complex concepts into compelling narratives. Youre skilled at finding the story within complicated topics and can capture our clients brand voice in every piece of writing.

Experience gathering and communicating insights from subject matter experts. Youre comfortable independently conducting SME interviews or reviewing interview recordings to add expert opinion and narrative to your content. You know how to draft questions to get the information you need and how to structure stories around the answers.

Knowledge of engineers and developers communities. You reference and include current areas of interest, pain points, and jargon in your writing. You have an intuitive knowledge of how software engineers and developers speak to one another and common DevEx challenges.

Time management and organizational skills. You always meet your deadlinesor communicate in advance when you may need a deadline pushed back.

Experience with both print and digital media formats. Youre also proficient in word processor programs such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs and PDF software such as Adobe Acrobat.

Positive attitude. Youre kind, passionate, curious, and friendly! Youre open to exploring new ideas, updated on trending topics in the engineering industry, and passionate about crafting excellent content. You welcome feedback and love learning how to improve your craft.

Other Valuable Qualifications:

Experience in cybersecurity and higher education

Some B2B, SaaS, and marketing experience. We primarily work with clients in these fields. Writing and/or first-hand experience in one or more of these areas will help you acclimate to our working environment and excel in your craft.


A recent portfolio with technical writing experience is a must. Please submit 3-5 sample articles published within the past three years for consideration*. At least 2 of these should be cybersecurity-related.

* Older samples will be accepted only if accompanied by newer works.

Our hiring process

We read every application and aim to get back to you within a few weeks of submission. Response times may vary depending on the time of year, number of applicants, and other factors. However, we are urgently hiring for this role.